Which Stars Smoke Cigarettes

This guide to which stars smoke cigarettes is a celebrity smoking list compiled from media articles, pictures I have seen and numerous TV broadcasts announcing the fact that these smoking celebs have quit* (Julia Roberts, Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for example).

Stars Who Smoke or Have Smoked

Al Pacino* Amy Winehouse Angelina Jolie*
Ashlee Simpson Avril Lavenge Ben Affleck*
Bette Davis Billie Piper Bob Dylan*
Brad Pitt* Britney Spears* Cameron Diaz
Charlize Theron* Colin Farrell Daniel Radcliffe
Drew Barrymore* Ellen DeGeneres* Frank Sinatra
Heath Ledger Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) Jennifer Aniston
Jessica Alba Johnny Cash Johnny Depp
Julia Roberts* Kate Moss Kevin Federline
Lily Allen Lindsay Lohan Matt Damon*
Naomi Campbell Orlando Bloom P Diddy
Paris Hilton Sammy Davis, Jr Sarah Harding
Paula Deen Hayden Christensen Sienna Miller
Snoop Dog Whoopi Goldberg*  

No Evidence

We are frequently asked about the following stars but can find no evidence of them being smokers.

Jennifer Beals Amanda Bynes Leland Chapman
Farrah Fawcett (RIP) Hugh Grant Meredith Vieira


Personalities, Celebrities, and "Famous Deaths"
Stars who died from smoking, some with diagnosis and age at death published by The Tobacco Reference Guide.

How The Stars Gave Up Smoking and some of those who still smoke. (Sunday Mirror 2009).

Digghealth - Female Celebrity Smoking List.

Smoking Town
No matter what anyone says smoking is never safe.

Celebrities Who Have Quit Smoking - Fox News slideshow.

Buzzle - How Some Smoking Celebs Gave Up Smoking.

Wikipedia - List of Celebrities.

The Influence of Celebrities Who Smoke
"When celebrities smoke cigarettes on screen or are caught by the paparazzi smoking in public, they send a powerful message to our youth that smoking is both cool and acceptable.

As role models more celebrities should speak out about smoking addiction, like Ben Affleck did recently on Oprah."

Study Links Youth Smoking and Smoking in Movies
Adolescents who see smoking depicted in movies are more likely to become established smokers, according to a study funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

"Increasing Evidence Points to Link Between Youth Smoking and Exposure to Smoking in Movies"

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