Smokeless Cigarettes (Nicotine Free)

The smokeless cigarettes referred to in this article are herbal no nicotine cigarettes used by smokers as a stop smoking aid rather than electronic cigarettes.

These types of cessation product can mimic some of the same sensations of smoking a real cigarette but without lighting up or actually smoking.

They do not contain tobacco or nicotine and are sometimes used by actors and actresses in the course of portraying characters who smoke.

Quitting smokers may find them useful in social situations (e.g at parties or gatherings) and other occasions when they need relief for the habit of holding or inhaling on a cigarette (after a meal for example).

X-Halers Smokeless Cigarettes for example, include a CD with complete stop smoking program developed in a hospital by a Doctor.

The Bolo Brands Smokeless Cigarette on the other hand includes a downloadable eBook to help you stop smoking.

As well as the ebook, each set comes with 1 tube and 6 mouth pieces: making this an inexpensive way for two people to try the program at the same time.

Please note: Bolo Brands is NOT an E or elctronic cigarette. It is nicotine-free and does NOT contain an atomizer or any medication.

Top Ten Reasons For Smokers to Use Smokeless Cigarettes

Author: JHF SEO

Smokers have been around for thousands of years, and the appeal of smoking has endured about as long. Today, millions of people smoke around the world, for their own sense of well-being, to fit in at social occasions and due to peer pressure and images of coolness and sex appeal.

Smokers also know and are often beat over the head with the well-known and recently discovered maladies that come from smoking including serious illness and decreased health to becoming social pariahs as parts of the world cracks down on smokers.

Sometimes you can meet everyone halfway, and the boom in smokeless cigarettes seem to be the new thing that will help smokers and non-smokers see eye to eye.

Big tobacco is seeing the writing on the wall as they are under fire from increasing social pressure, more lawsuits and greater numbers of business banning smokers. Also, as healthier alternatives are made available, more smokers are starting to quit. The result is the investment in and production of smokeless cigarettes to allow smokers to get their fix without upsetting those around them.

Smaller companies are getting involved as well creating smokeless cigarettes designed to cater to smokers' habits, but also to help them quit smoking altogether. Blends of herbal remedies are hitting the market and starting another wave of smoking cessation while still giving smokers the means to coddle their mental and social addictions.

Smokeless cigarettes are not only on the rise in sales and popularity, but also seem to be here to stay. So why should YOU switch to smokeless cigarettes?

1. Smokeless Cigarettes are Cleaner - Smokeless cigarettes provide as little waste as water vapor and some give off nothing at all. Less stains on fingers, although nicotine-laden smokeless cigarettes can still potentially discolor teeth. Also, dangerous and ugly cigarette burns.

2. No Smell - Along with cleaner clothes and skin, smokeless cigarettes don't produce any smoky smells to latch onto hair and clothing. In fact, some of the herbal smokeless cigarettes are downright pleasant.

3. Healthier Alternative - Although some smokeless cigarettes still contain nicotine to provide a fix, they lack many of the chemicals and tar that regular cigarettes contain, while some smokeless brands use herbs and essential oils instead, designed to curb smokers' desire to smoke while giving them a healthier option. A smokeless cigarette isn't a carrot stick, but it's healthier than an ordinary light.

4. No Accessories - Although some people live to carry around their favorite lighter, smokeless cigarettes require no light at all. Just carry the pack like a pack of chewing gum and you're ready to enjoy a "puff".

5. Smokeless Cigarettes Can Be Used Indoors - Many businesses including bars across the U.S. and around the world are banning smoking in their establishments, mostly due to city and state influence. Smokeless cigarettes seem to be bucking the system as a clean alternative and the news media are covering their successful use across the U.S.

6. Smokeless Cigarettes are Longer Lasting - Chain-smoking is expensive, especially with more taxes targeting tobacco and the increasing price of consumer goods as the dollar falls and oil rises. A smokeless cigarette may last about a week, where as you could go through 3-4 cigarettes during your smoke break alone.

7. More Economical - Hand in hand with 6, a pack of smokeless cigarettes can conceivably last several weeks. Compare that to your carton of cigarettes and work out the price. Smokeless cigarettes may cost more per cigarette, but most models last much, much longer than your 5 minute break on the patio.

8. Less Addicting - Like the patch and other nicotine programs, smokeless cigarettes can be a good way to wean you from smoking and help you quit altogether. There are even herbal blends that have no nicotine, thus breaking the physical and chemical addiction, and eventually allowing you to break the habitual and emotional addiction.

9. Hipness and Smugness Factor - Smokeless cigarettes are rising in awareness and popularity, and as more marketing campaigns come out, they might just be the new cool thing. Imagine being the only person "smoking" in a club or bar and becoming the center of attention. Enjoy your nicotine and the feeling of holding a cigarette without being hassled by the authorities.

10. Smokeless Cigarettes Might Help You Quit - If smokeless cigarettes can help you beat addiction, eventually you won't need smokeless anymore and you might just quit altogether.

Smokeless cigarettes might be the next fad or the next wonder product, but if you smoke, or are trying to quit, you might want to try them out and judge for yourself.

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