Second Hand Smoke Statistics

Second hand smoke statistics are abundant. They are often open to interpretation and frequently quoted in a misleading or even biased contexts. This page aims to provide links to a variety of resources so that you can extract the facts for your self.


The Facts About Second Hand Smoke

This resource contains detailed examinations of the 1993 EPA study on secondhand smoke, the first World Health Organization study on SHS, and the Helena study that claimed smoking bans result in an immediate drop in heart attacks.

While we don't generally consider smoking from all sides, this site makes some well reasoned arguments. It provides an interesting, thought provoking read and does a very good job of showing you how to critically examine medical studies of all sorts.

American Lung Cancer Association Data and Statistics

"Secondhand smoke causes almost 50,000 deaths in adult nonsmokers in the United States each year, including approximately 3,400 from lung cancer and 22,700-69,600 from heart disease."

Also see: Trends in Tobacco Use 2008 (.pdf).

10 Facts About Tobacco and Second Hand Smoke

An interactive fact sheet from the World Health Organistaion (WHO).

"Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the world. It causes 1 in 10 deaths among adults worldwide. In 2005, tobacco caused 5.4 million deaths, or an average of one death every 6 seconds. The death toll is projected to reach more than 8 million by 2030 if current trends continue."

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Trends Progress Report - 2007 Update: Secondhand Smoke

"Much progress has been made in reducing secondhand smoke exposure over the last decade. More than a 50-percent reduction has occurred among nonsmokers."


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