Quitting Smoking Tips for Cravings

These quitting smoking tips help you to deal with cravings and the urge to smoke after you give up smoking cigarettes.

The first few days of giving up can be the hardest and the chief probable cause, compared to other commonly experienced quit smoking withdrawal symptoms, tends to be cravings for nicotine.

Few smokers seem to quit without getting them but if you want to succeed, then you really must learn to get through them.

Taking advantage of Nicotine Replacement Therapy is a highly recommended strategy but if you are determined to quit cold turkey (without any product support), you should find that the following tips help you learn to how to overcome the urge to smoke at will.

6 Tips for Quitting Smoking

  1. Remember that cravings tend to only last for 3- 5 minutes and they WILL subside.
    • Once the urge to smoke has gone your resolve will strengthen.
  2. Remember that the choice to quit smoking and the responsibility for not smoking is yours alone.
  3. Focus on the reasons you decided to quit.
    • Take a look at your quitting plan.
  4. Take 3 or 4 deep breaths.
    • Breathe in slowly through the nose and fill your lungs, then breathe out again slowly through the mouth.
  5. Drink water.
    • Sip it slowly and try to savour the taste.
    • This will also help to satisfy any increased appetite.
  6. Keep busy.
    • Take your mind off smoking by going for a walk, doing an odd job around the home or in the garden or call a friend or relative on the phone

Update Your Quitting Plan

If you have been developing your quit smoking action plan and making notes, think about cravings and withdrawal symptoms for a moment or two:

  • Picture a scenario when you have desperately wanted to smoke.
  • If that were to occur after you stop what do you plan to do?

Make a note of what you plan to do to deal with cravings. Maybe something like:

When I get a strong craving I am going to occupy myself for 5 minutes by manicuring my nails.

Write it down on your list and number it "3".


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