Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain

Quitting smoking is challenge enough but some smokers really dread the idea of gaining weight. If you fall into the latter camp let's try and get the situation into perspective and allay some fears.

The Double Whammy

Smoking suppresses the appetite and therefore you may feel hungrier when you quit smoking but eating more of the wrong foods will, most likely, make you gain weight.

Nicotine also speeds up the bodies processes, so when you stop smoking your body needs less energy, so if you consume more calories than you need weight gain is likely.

Don't however; let this become a reason for not quitting smoking.

A Little Known Fact

Many smokers are in fact underweight due to prolonged appetite suppression and of those who do put on weight, about half increase their weight by less than two kilos.

Tips to Quit Smoking without Gaining Weight

It is important to remember that not all ex-smokers put on weight.

  • If you do have concerns about gaining weight talk to your doctor or a dietician and develop a sensible eating plan. Details of free weigh loss guide below.
  • Simply substituting smoking for excessive eating of confectionery and high calorie foods and snacks will not help your cause.
  • A sensible exercise and eating plan will help keep your weight down and keep you fit.
  • Go easy on yourself and go about making these changes to your lifestyle in moderation.
  • If you prepare yourself properly you will increase your chances of success.
  • Before you attempt to quit smoking decide what amount of weight gain you are willing to tolerate.
  • Also, decide what you will do if you exceed your weight target.
  • Don't leave yourself a back door for going back to smoking and bear in mind that starting to smoke again may not help you lose any weight you do gain.

Helpful Products

If you do need to lose weight and need some help Zolite (or Zotrim) is highly recommended.

This excellent, all natural, weight loss supplement is scientifically proven to aid weight loss by giving you a feeling of fullness and helping you to eat less.

During clinical trials, Zolite was noted to produce an average weight loss of 11.3 lbs in 45 days (Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 2001).

Two of our featured stop smoking products also reinforce that quitting smoking and weight gain do not have to go hand in hand.

‘A study has shown that smokers who quit using the Commit 2 mg Lozenge gained less weight compared to those quitting on placebo.’

Also consider the book and accompanying CD by celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna PhD: Quit Smoking Today without Gaining Weight. They help you to retrain your mind and body to no longer need cigarettes and, as the title suggests they help you to quit without piling on extra pounds.


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