Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

To quit smoking cold turkey (i.e to stop smoking altogether, all at once, without the aid of medication or Nicotine Replacement Therapy) is a common method for smokers to choose when giving up smoking.

Surprisingly, success rates for this method are only in the region of 4% to 7%1.

This statistic is not quoted to try and deter you from trying to quit smoking cold turkey but rather to give you a statistical indication of your chances of success with the method.

Giving up successfully can be difficult whatever method you choose, especially for heavier smokers (smoking 40 a day or more) and it is evident from the figures above that it may take you several attempts stop and stay stopped.

However, you can improve your chances of success with some thoughtful preparation.

Help Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Allen Carrs' book "Easy Way to Stop Smoking" is a great help for getting you in the right frame of mind, fortifying your resolution and removing your psychological dependence on cigarettes in a frank and practical way without you having to resort to quitting aids.

Easy Way to Quit Smoking by Allen Carr

Allen smoked 100 cigarettes a day at one point and his best selling book, which is also available in e-book and audio cd editions, means that you can keep his guidance close at hand even when you are on the go!

Paper and hardback versions of the book and digital editions, which are suitable for iPhone, iPod, Kindle and Android, can be found at Amazon.com, Amazon UK.

Pros of Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

The body's healing process begins within just 20 minutes! Learn more about how your health improves in our article on the benefits of quitting smoking, which details this timeline further.


Sudden withdrawal from nicotine can lead to severe cravings and other quit smoking withdrawal symptoms. Some will come and go over a period of a few days and most are gone within three weeks although not every smoker is affected to the same degree.


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100 Questions & Answers About How to Quit Smoking gives you authoritative, practical answers to questions about the effects of smoking and the best strategies for quitting the habit from both the views of doctor's and patient's.

Written by a prominent psychiatrist, with actual patient commentary, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone coping with the medical, psychological, and emotional turmoil of smoking.

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