Which Quit Smoking Aids Work Best?

Have you used quit smoking aids to successfully to give up cigarettes or tobacco?

Whether you managed to stop for a relatively short time or relapsed after several years or even if you haven't touched a cigarette since the last day you smoked, would you try the same ones again or recommend them to others?

Existing smokers who are thinking about quitting and our other readers who have family and friends who are interested in giving up smoking would dearly love you for to share your experiences.

Share Your Advice and Recommendations

What were your circumstances? How many years did you smoke for? How many did you smoke a day? What motivated you to stop? Did you try a number of quit smoking aids before you found the right one for you or did you use a combination of things?

Answers to all of these types of questions help smokers to get a far better idea about which quit smoking aids are likely to work best for them if they can relate to the circumstances described by you.

Pregnant women visit Stop Smoking Programs daily and they often write in for tips because they have been told that nicotine replacement therapy is not something they should be using. Were you expecting and if so, what would you suggest they try? Maybe you know about effective herbal and nicotine-free products.

How about very light teenage smokers, smoking maybe 3-4 cigarettes a day? Have you used quit smoking aids that would are ideal fo light smokers.

At the other extreme, what should very heavy smokers try?

Whatever your experience, we would love to hear it.

It's quick, easy and there is no sign up or registration required to post your story - so please don't wait.

Share what you believe to be among the best quit smoking aids today.

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