Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

Butt it Out™ offers natural ways to quit smoking designed to reduce the body’s cravings for nicotine and provide relief from symptoms such as depression, insomnia, anxieties, headaches, stress, coughing and irritability.

Hebal Stop Smoking Aids

Recognized by Health Canada as an OTC drug, this natural way to quit smoking enhances quick detoxification of nicotine and confronts nicotine addiction in the brain and body. It is non-addictive and safe for use by teenagers.

The active ingredient is Lobelia Inflata but Butt it Out™ also contains essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and even anti-oxidant properties to help rebuild your system.

How They Work

Lobelia is puported to mimic the effects of nicotine by stimulating the nicotinic receptors at the center of the adrenal gland (in the brain) and depressing them.

This property is useful in natural ways to quit smoking as the action closely resembles the actions of nicotine but this herbal altenative is milder and non-addictive.

In layman's terms, the active herbal ingredient, fools the body into thinking that you are smoking when you are not!

Oral Spray - Additional Ingredients

  • St. John's Wort - for anxiety, stress, depression, coughs, colds
  • Liquorice Root - supports respiratory system, nausea, insomnia
  • Echinacea Purpurea - an immune enhancer and natural antibiotic
  • Kelp - rich in nutrients containing 30 minerals 
  • Dandelion Root - purifies blood, tones liver, diuretic, weight loss aid
  • Burdock Root - powerful blood purifier, aids digestion
  • Bilberry - high nutritive value, anti-oxidant, improves vision

Indicated Use:

Capsules: Take 3 capsules daily. 1 capsule a half-hour before each of your 3 daily meals.

Oral Spray: Shake bottle before using. Take 3-6 sprays directly into mouth when you crave a cigarette. NOT to be used with nicotine replacement products as your goal is to rid your body of nicotine.

Quit Smoking Money Back Guarantee

Order one bottle of Butt it Out™ capsules and one bottle of Butt it Out™ Plus herbal extract oral spray together in the Quit Smoking System you receive a money back guarantee!

Butt it Out™ are so confident of their naturals ways to quit smoking that when you use their system for 30 days, you WILL stop they guarantee it or they give you your money back!

More info: Butt it Out Herbal Stop Smoking Aids.

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