Staying Stopped After Quitting Smoking

So, after quitting smoking how do you stay an ex-smoker?

First of all if you have quit - WELL DONE!

Some ex-smokers find quitting smoking relatively easy but many will find that staying stopped is the greater challenge.

Once you have quit, it is likely that over time you will think about cigarettes less and less and the urge to smoke will dwindle away. It doesn’t pay to be complacent though as the 'urge' can and often does return when you least expect it.

If you have relapsed, you already have most of the answers after quitting smoking successfully once before. You probably need to rethink some of your strategies but when you are ready to try again it’s simply more of the same.

If you find yourself struggling, relax and don’t stress about it. Try to focus in on what kept you from smoking when you felt the urge while trying to quit initially. What did you do or think about?

Our tips on stopping smoking cover many ways to deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms, suggestions for stress relief and weight gain. You might find that revisiting them is well worth your while.

The quit smoking action plan in particular, helps you to identify potential obstacles and planning for how you will deal with the urge, if and when it returns. So, should you need direction, refer to it, amend it if necessary and plug on.

After Quitting Smoking Tips

Do try and think of yourself as a non-smoker from day one and remember there is always a better solution than a cigarette.

As a non smoker you have found new ways to deal with all the situations that you previously associated with smoking.

Remember that having just one cigarette will only make you feel better momentarily but staying stopped will make you healthier and wealthier in the long term.

If you find that your problems are peer or social pressure related, tell those that are making staying stopped difficult that you are serious.

Explain how they could make life easier for you.

Try and socialise with those that are supportive of your efforts.

Refuse all offers of cigarettes. The temptation to have 'just one' will lead to others and straight back to regular smoking.

You CAN and WILL stay stopped if you stay focused on defeating each and every urge.

Best of luck,



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