About Us

Quit-Smoking-Stop.com was launched in January 2002 as a teen smoking cessation website. It focused on publishing facts about smoking, tips for stopping and information about the effects of tobacco smoke on health.

The website was founded by Len Johnson, BSc (Hons), who is still the principal author, editor and webmaster. His intention from the outset was to develop a pro quitting resource rather than an anti-smoking website.

Based on his own experience, Len felt that many books and online resources conveyed a condescending tone, which one would like to assume, was unintentional, and he wanted to avoid this.

Within a few years, Quit-Smoking-Stop.com was attracting over 1000 unique visitors daily via free search engines listings.

This early success was more than Len had hoped for and his ambition to learn more about website design and development. This resulted in his building and developing several more unrelated websites.

In August 2020, he re-evaluated the website and decided that it was due for an overhaul.

While much of the content was still relevant, Len wanted to update it and take advantage of modern design practices, such as mking it mogile friendly.

Durng the update, Len also uncovered several new topics and themes which were in line with the original site objectives but also broadened its scope.

As a result, Quit-Smoking-Stop.com has an ongoing plan for evolution that includes more frequent additions to content in an unprecedented level of depth and breadth.